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Moisture measurements in paper and cardboard


During the production of paper and pasteboard the water content is an important process parameter. Beginning in "wet end" with solid contents starting from 2 % during the manufacturing process to the material increasingly water one extracts. Those finaldamp which can be obtained lie within a range between 5 and 15 %, are however dependent on the product most different.

For almost all processing levels of paper that plays humidity content an important role. Dependent on the humidity content the further-processableness of the material is, the quality of the final product as well as discrete event type processes.

Therefore a substantial role comes to the moisture test with the production of paper and pasteboard. A fast and nevertheless simple measurement is in most cases wished. Many applications aim at a continuous measurement during the process, e.g. at the exit of dehumidifiers.

Microwave-based moisture measurements are outstanding suitable for these applications. Because of their real time ability and the large variety from possibilities to the organization of sensors can be configured it for the solution of the described measuring tasks in many conceivable kinds.

hf sensor offers for the moisture measurement in pasteboard and paper the portable moisture meters MOIST 100 and MOIST 200 in connection with the microwave sensing heads MOIST R1 and MOIST R2.

For continuous measurements the employment of the microwave process sensing head MOIST RP is recommended. For more complex measuring tasks, which require e.g. the use from filter routines to the signal production, the sensors can be combined with the evaluation unit MOIST CONTROL.

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