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In many countries of the world each year billions of Euros are lost due to moisture damages.

Only for Germany some years before a figure of 1.5 Billion of Euro was calculated. Accumulating this over many years - like it´s the actual practice in civil engineering - leads to an enormous amount of moisture caused troubles.

Looking the actual practice in civil engineering it seems as if nobody would be interested by those figures. Moisture caused damages are only repaired, if they cannot be hidden anymore or if the partiel involved in this are fighting by law. Eliminating the damages often costs many times the amount of money that had been necessary for detecting and removing the damage in time.

Moisture meters can help to save a very large part of such costs if they are applied correctly. "Applied correctly" means in this context applied preventively.

Not only as means for the detection and rating of damages that already happened, but also as a measure for quality assurance or as monitoring method with cyclical measurements for early diagnosis of moisture damages. Such precaution leads to a tremendous reduction of maintenance and repair costs of the investigated object during it´s life cycle.

For service enterprises in civil engineering - consultants, architects, civil engineers, drying enterprises - the meaning of high quality opportunities for moisture measurements has rapidly increased during the last years.

With microwave based moisture measurments (system MOIST) such measurements can be accomplished very quickly and comfortable. MOIST is the technological most advanced moisture measuring system worldwide.

MOIST can be applied not only to moisture damages, but also to quality assurance and for cyclical monitoring of constructions.

The most important advantage of the microwave moisture measuring system is the ability of systematical raster moisture measurements at the surface and in the kernel of an object.

With an additional software those moisture maps can be processed very easily to graphical images of moisture. From the generated moisture images it is simple and fast to conclude to moisture damages that happened or that are just arising. The quality of conclusion is as better as longer the construction element was monitored.

Manyfold moisture phenomenons like condensing moisture, residual moisture, upsoaring moisture or leakages lead to very different and typical images of raster measurements.

Using this imaging method for systematical identification will set against the speculation for reasons of moisture damages a strong opponent.

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