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MOIST CONTROL - Process Control Unit for Microwave moisture sensors of MOIST xP series:


MOIST CONTROL 100 is designed for control and evaluation of up to 31 sensors of MOIST xP series. Using MOIST CONTROL 100 parameters can be passed and readings can be evaluated by different mathematical algorithms. Output of results is possible at several interfaces.

Customer specific configuration of MOIST CONTROL 100 is possible.

MOIST CONTROL 100 includes an RS485 interface to max. 31 moisture sensors by bus system, an RS485 interface for the integration to higher control systems, a current loop interface and some binary inputs and outputs.

Fields of application:

  • Moisture measurement with sensors of MOIST xP series
  • Communication with other sensors (temperature, distance)
  • Maintenance and selection of material specific calibration curves from superordinate controls
  • Filtering of disturbed signals
  • Blanking of invalid readings
  • Window operations
  • Data Logging
  • Communication with superordinate controls
data sheet MOIST CONTROL (237 KByte)
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