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MOIST BIO P - Process Microwave Sensing Head for Moisture Measurement in large material volumina:


The robust sensing head is used for moisture measurements in solids and bulk goods, where measurement volume of about 50 ... 100 liters is desired. MOIST BIO P is a radiation field applicator with penetration of the microwave up to 50 cm in the material. It was designed especially for moisture measurment in large bulks.

Customer specific material calibrations allow exact and reproducible measurements.

MOIST BIO P is a smart sensing head with an on board microcontroller. It can be operated either standalone in simple applications or in combination with the online control unit MOIST CONTROL 100. MOIST BIO P is flange mounted and can be protected by a plastic guiding tube.

Fields of application:

  • bulk goods
  • foods
  • grain, agricultural products
  • organic materials
  • biofilter, compost, bioreactors
  • soils
  • other materials on request (customer specific adaption and calibration)
data sheet MOIST BIO P (394 KByte)
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