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MOIST SCAN - A new era for building diagnostics

In large concrete buildings, onto flat roofs, in bridges, tunnels and streets, at basements and within floor constructions, recurrently there are problems occurring concerning leakage and water ingress. Mostly, its source cannot be detected with conventional methods.

For carrying out such measuring tasks, the new microwave scanner MOIST SCAN therefore is the best suitable. MOIST SCAN works as a moisture camera with a microwave technique being used. In comparison to other devices, like using optical methods, MOIST SCAN enables the user getting a look inside objects, more precisely. Therewith, moisture analyses of large areas can be carried out quick, efficient and non-destructive. MOIST SCAN provides a high spatial solution down to the range of centimetres, also for large areas. Due to its upgraded spatial solution, details will be visible, which could not be seen without this device. With one scan, measurements to carrying out inside several depth layers will be possible. By means of new analysis-algorithms the image quality and perception of leakage and water ingress is outstanding and unrivalled regarding the image features it provides.

MOIST SCAN has been built very compact and enables to an easy usage and handling. The result of a scan can be displayed after measuring. Thus, an analysis on site will be feasible.

MOIST SCAN makes new dimensions of moisture measurements accessible. For a first time, laminary and non-destructive analyses of larger buildings can be carried out, that qualifies potential users to more integrated conclusions concerning the building hydrology. By using microwave scans, moisture diagnostics will be carried out in a very efficient way, especially in the sector of building restoration.

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